Studio Figura is a network of beauty salons; by combining many years of experience, requirements and desires of our clients, our concept is developed specially for women living all over the world. Studio Figura specialists work with our clients in order to make a set of services that will provide women with health, slimmer body, beauty, and will grant them energy and eagerness to live.

new body-shaping and weight loss concept

Studio Figura programme with Roll Shaper will give you:

  • Clean body

  • Loss of weight and girth

  • Improvement of skin condition

  • Consultations about proper diet

  • Analysis of results

  • unique suplements

Achieve your best body in three steps:

  1. Personal lymphatic massage programme using unique highest quality device - Roll Shaper
  2. Personal nutrition plan based on a healthy, balanced nutrition, determined by individual body statistics and activity level
  3. Support with unique natural supplements - Go Clean and Go Slim

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