15 people from 5 Studios – the first group has already been trained.

15 people from 5 Studios – the first group has already been trained.

They have already worked for half a year to 4 years and they still want to be trained.

On September 28th cyclical trainings for our Partners were held. The trainings exceeded our expectations. It was very energizing, everybody showed commitment and a will to work. We want to thank everybody for being sincere, active and for all the kind words after the trainings. We learned a lot from you and we want to thank you for it. We thank you for showing during those trainings that work based on the Studio Figura Concept yields sensational results at your Studios.

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The highest quality – Studio Figura

Iso for Manufacture

We proudly inform you that yesterday july, 3rd we completed a Certification Audit ISO 9001 : 2008 for our Manufacture. This is proof, that our products have the best quality. We can all celebrate another success of our Company, which will allow us to present new devices for Wellness industry, in the following years.

Studio Figura International

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Amazing Expansion in Sweden!!!

Our Roll Shaper on an Awesome Session.

Sweden has fallen in love with our Roll Shaper. Spectacular effects as soon as after 8 weeks (see the photos of successful users), modern design and the highest quality.

An era for Roll Shaper has begun in Sweden. It is used in treatments by Ladies in their fifties, in their twenties, fitness women, accountants and even bodybuilders.

Our celebrity has even had a professional photo shoot. See the photoreport from the session. Soon the final effects of the session will be announced.

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A Personal Roll Shaper Glamour for the Queen!!!

Doda’s Great Joy – an Awesome Gift from Friends

Doda’s closest friends have presented her with a unique gift. Doda has long been dreaming of her own private Roll Shaper. Her friends decided to make her dream come true on her 30th birthday. She was supposed to receive it on her birthday on the 15th of February, but her friends couldn’t wait and showed it to her earlier.

Obviously, specially for the queen we manufactured a Roll Shaper Glamour.

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