Open Your own studio

Studio Figura is:

  • Business idea
  • Unique "Know - how"
  • Changes in your body with the help of massages, nutrition and supplements
  • Success "recipe", proven by OVER 650 existing studies in 20 countries all over the world

Studio Figura "Brand Book"

We will help you to save money, because you will not need the expensive services of architects or interior designers and your Studio will look as beautiful and comfortable as our other Studios. You will receive a detailed description and visual material concerning:

  1. The possible layouts of partitions, Roll Shapers and furniture
  2. The most convenient distances between the zones, Roll Shapers etc.


  • We help to calculate potential investment
  • We help to calculate costs and income of the future business
  • We advise on the choice of location for the studio
  • We share our experience of existing Studios
  • We manufacture, sell and deliver unique devices, called Roll Shapers, which are used in Studio Figura
  • We provide all necessary print layouts for the business start-up, together with leaflets, subscription cards, gift cards, price lists, business cards, internal forms. You only need to enter your studio data and print!


People named by you, will take classes of:

  • What is Studio Figura Concept.
  • Marketing of Studio Figura. Who is our client (segment)? How to "find" the client? Is the mass advertising effective? How to introduce a service with the aid of mass media?
  • Procedure. Measurements. Questionnaire.
  • Working with and programming of Roll Shaper.
  • Client service. Phone conversation. A short presentation of the procedure. Introduction of the treatment for new client. Regular communication with customers.
  • Self-promotion opportunities. What is the reward system for clients? Your own database. Pricing guidelines. Available promotions. Additional services, products.

Offices, showroom, factory and warehouse

Studio Figura International

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