How it works Types Limphatic drainage Procedure

Initially every client is weighed and measured. We control the changes of the following parts during the whole course: upper and lower part of the stomach, hips, thighs and arms.

Then, by using a body structure monitor, we register your body mass index, fat and muscle percentage, visceral fat percentage and the amount of calories you need to consume on daily basis. We register these measurements during the first visit so that we always have a starting point of our results from the day you came to us. We assure that the people that continue to take the massage periodically after finishing this course and keep fit, never return to their initial measurements.
The speed of lymphatic flow doubles during massage. Massage effectively affects all the lymphatic system, improves tone and vasomotor function, decreases lymph content in the tissue and swelling of the tissue, and improves metabolism. After the massage, gas and mineral salt emission from the body improves. Women point out that they have gained more energy, they sleep better and peacefully, and the working effectiveness improves. It is possible to handle stressful situations better and relax more.

But that is not all the lymphatic drainage massage can do. The women would say that one of the benefits of lymphatic drainage is that it can help to lose weight and decrease girth. Outer muscles are worked during the massage. There is work with the skin surface and therefore we get toned muscles, slimmer body, firmer skin, and decreased swelling and cellulite. All these processes are there because of the drainage of lymphatic flow and with that - body cleaning.
Lymphatic drainage massage takes one hour. During the massage under the supervision of the specialist you will do 18 different positions - to massage your feet, legs, thighs from all sides, bottom, upper and lower part of your stomach, sides, arms and shoulders. You will move a bit during the process that will only improve the effect of fat burn.

It is possible to turn on and off the infrared light indicator during the massage that improves the effectiveness for 70%. Infrared waves warm up the body and provide you with physical and mental comfort. They reach the deepest layers of the skin and help to:

  • activate lymphatic flow and metabolism
  • emit toxins and other substances
  • activate body protection
  • strengthens immune system
  • warm up muscles
  • prevent the occur of cellulite

Basic principles of Studio Figura healthy weight loss:

  • Regular lymphatic drainage massage procedures on Roll Shaper
  • Individual program for each client
  • Proper and balanced nutrition – 3 stages
  • 100% natural (Herbal) suplements

By keeping the track of how much we move, what we eat and how much water we drink, it is possible to be healthy and beautiful. But we do not always have time for that, some may lack courage, some - support in order to do it themselves. The aim of Studio Figura specialists is to help every woman to fulfill their dreams and make the process of improving their health and physical condition pleasant and natural. This process is also called as... Lifestyle! We work with each client individually regarding their goals and desires. This is why the course includes lymphatic drainage massage, consultations about proper nutrition and monitoring the results. We believe that you need to lose your weight in a healthy, reasonable, and pleasant way!


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